Founded in 2013

The International Federation of Arab Businessmen and Investors Abroad

️The International Federation of Arab Businessmen and Investors Abroad is an independent international economic entity, established in 2013. It aims to provide all possible services available to investors from its members, with the aim of economic cooperation and trade exchange to achieve the greatest benefit from the capabilities of members and their relations and to open investment fields for them in All Arab and African countries to actively participate in the economic development in those countries through communication between the various branches of the Union.

The organizational and administrative structure of the federation

First : The Board of Directors:

He is selected and nominated carefully and accurately according to the CV and business volume of the board member companies.

The board consists of:

- Chairman of Board of Directors.

- Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the affairs of the federation's branches abroad.

- Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs

- Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Exhibitions and Conferences Affairs

- Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Financial Affairs and Investment

Second: The Secretary General of the Federation

It is concerned with extracting all papers related to the federation and attesting them from the concerned authorities, and concerned with representing the federation before all parties and signing all papers, treaties and agreements concluded by the federation, and concerned with negotiating on behalf of the federation with all parties in all countries and representing the federation in national and international forums related to business, trade and investment, And to highlight the Union's positions on economic and trade issues.

Third: the Executive Director

He is concerned with undertaking all the work of the federation in all its branches, headquarters, members, and advisors. He also plans and coordinates the implementation of programs, projects, and activities that enhance the goals of the federation, marketing the federation, strengthening its relations with the concerned external parties, and advocating for the commercial interests of the federation’s members, in addition to managing and coordinating the general meetings of the members, and Interact with the press and media, provide information, and organize visits and public events for the federation.

Fourth: The Advisory Board

They are the advisors of international relations and diplomacy, who in turn contribute to choosing the personalities who assume the presidency and management of the federation’s branches in the countries, in a way that guarantees them all their material and moral rights.

Union goals

  1. Enhancing cooperation and trade and investment exchange between companies.
  2. Developing industrial and commercial projects and increasing investments in them.
  3. Developing the skills of businessmen and providing them with specialized training and education.
  4. Achieving balance in international trade, increasing the exports of member states and reducing their imports.
  5. Supporting and developing entrepreneurship and startups in the Arab and African world.
  6. Developing the private sector in the Member States by improving the investment environment and making it a more attractive environment for investors.
  7. Contribute to organizing conferences and economic events that contribute to the advancement of the economy.
  8. Improving awareness in societies of the importance of investment and entrepreneurship, and providing support and advice to young people wishing to enter the business world.
  9. Enhancing the competitive capabilities of Arab and African companies and increasing their chances of entering new markets and cooperating with international companies.
  10. Providing platforms and opportunities for cooperation and partnership between Arab and African companies in various economic sectors.
  11. Contribute to the development of local communities by supporting sustainable, social and environmental development projects in Member States.
  12. Strengthening cultural and historical relations, highlighting Arab and African culture, and exchanging experiences and knowledge among member states.

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