Speech of the Executive Director of the International Federation of Arab Businessmen and Investors Abroad

Dear valued members

After Greetings

The Executive Office is considered an essential pillar of the Federation where all activities, programs and projects that have been approved by the Board of Directors are implemented. It also works to provide services, technical support and guidance to regional and branch offices and members, and to enhance communication with the private sector, governments, international and regional institutions and civil society.

As for the regional office, it manages all local activities and coordinates between government agencies, private institutions, companies and the local community in a group of countries, while the branch offices act as local centers for communicating with members and managing their relations. the Union.

The importance of the existence of the Executive Office and the regional and subsidiary offices comes from their ability to strengthen relations between the members of the federation, partners and other institutions to achieve the desired achievements, and we always remain ready to provide support and assistance to all members of the federation in order to achieve common goals.

Therefore, efforts and cooperation must be intensified between the Executive Office and the regional and branch offices in order to achieve the objectives of the federation and to enable members to obtain the support and services required to enhance their business and success in the global and Arab markets.

Finally, I would like to take this occasion as an opportunity to thank all the members of the Regional and Sub-Offices and the Executive Office for their efforts and hard work in promoting the goals of the Union.

Thank you very much for your participation in the union's journey and your support for us, and we always look forward to working together to achieve more success.

Dr. Alaa El-Esawy

Union Executive Director